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Winter Camps

National Camps for Blind Children

Snow crunches underfoot. Happy voices call back and forth, guiding snowballs through the air. Laughter rides the white-coated slope with the blind campers as they zip downward in large tubes.

Put yourself in the place of a blind camper from Florida experiencing snow for the first time!

Winter camp nurtures independence, creates opportunities to strengthen physical well-being, and provides life-changing, character-building experiences. This special camp is typically held in Michigan.

The generosity of many caring people gives these young people the experience of a lifetime.


Information available fall/winter 2017.

Notice of Possible Changes

Christian Record Services, Inc. plans far in advance for its National Camps for Blind Children, with the full intention of holding each camp scheduled. However, it may become necessary to reschedule, relocate, or cancel a specific camp in any of the following situations:

  • Natural or man-made disaster
  • Insufficient funding
  • Low number of applicants.

Christian Record assumes no financial liability for such changes.

To confirm a camp date or location, please call the camp of your choice (listed above) or call the Christian Record home office at (402) 488-0981, option 3.

Christian Record Services, Inc. and its National Camps for Blind Children assumes no responsibility for the transportation of legally blind campers to or from any of its camps.