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Senior Staff & Board

Christian Record Services, Inc. Senior Staff

Diane Thurber, CRS President

Diane Thurber, President

Diane Thurber carries out the directives of the Board of Directors and oversees the administration, programs, and strategic plans of the ministry of Christian Record Services, Inc. to ensure its mission is achieved. She also serves on a variety of committees to provide counsel to and support for initiatives of other ministries that are dedicated to empowering people who are abled differently or have special needs. Her travels have taken her around the globe where she has seen firsthand the miraculous transformation that can occur by providing access to literature and extending compassion to those often marginalized.

Lonnie Kreiter, VP for Finance

Lonnie Kreiter, VP for Finance

Lonnie Kreiter is responsible for the financial administration, certain human resources, and internal management functions for Christian Record Services. The organization is audited by two separate auditing services each year. We take seriously our fiscal responsibility to our members and donors.

Christian Record Services, Inc. Board of Directors

Name Board Member Since
G. Alexander Bryant, Chair 2016
Elaine Hagele, Vice Chair 2005
Kyoshin Ahn, Vice Chair 2020
Diane Thurber, Secretary 2015
Jackie Anderson 2023
Tony Anobile 2018
Dan Carlson 2010
Judy Glass 2023
Minner Labrador 2021
Matthew Orian 2017
Larry Romrell 2017
Vinita Sauder 2015
Dexter Thomas 2017
Topher Thompson 2015
Gary Thurber 2010
Deborah Whitfield 2021