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Senior Staff and Board of Directors


Christian Record Services, Inc. Senior Staff

Diane Thurber, President
Shelly Kittleson, VP for Finance

Christian Record Services, Inc. Board of Directors

Name Time on Board
Daniel R. Jackson, Chair 15 years
Diane Thurber, Secretary 2 years
Debra Brill 4 years
Al Burdick 7 years
G. Alexander Bryant 1 year
Dan Carlson 7 years
Brad Forbes 1 year
Elaine Hagele 12 years
Jerome S. Lang 37 years
Debbie Manasco 7 years
James McArthur 37 years
Matthew Orion New
Troy Peoples 2 years
Donald G. Pursley 9 years
Leo S. Ranzolin Sr. 27 years
Leanora B. Ruff New
Vinita Sauder 2 years
Dick Stenbakken 4 years
G. Ralph Thompson 37 years
Topher Thompson 2 years
Gary Thurber 7 years
L. Brant Westbrook Jr. 12 years
William L. Wood 15 years

Updated: March 2017