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Naomi Chapman Turner Library for the Blind


Lib.Guide is an online library resource available to our members worldwide at all times of the day and night, for free.

Through this resource, members can download books and magazines and request other resources in a number of formats: refreshable or printed braille, large print text for eReader or paper, and audio files for use on Daisy or streaming over a computer or device. (Note: Due to copyrights, some resources are not available outside the U.S. and its territories.)

The library has more than 1,600 titles of inspiring and empowering books, many are Christian-based.

The one-time, first-time registration requires the individual to complete a short application and include verification of blindness.  CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER.  (Current members may request their login information from Christian Record Services to access their account).

After that, the member can log in at any time to request available resources that are produced by Christian Record Services, Inc.

Note: Members can use Lib.Guide to update their contact information so their services are not interrupted.



Audiobooks are available on digital cartridges compatible with players distributed by the state services of the National Library Service (NLS) in the U.S. and digital download or streaming through Lib.Guide.

NOTE: Christian Record Services does not provide digital players. Digital players are available from the member’s local NLS network library for the blind to readers in the U.S.

Topics include adventure, Bible stories, biography, health, nature, as well as devotional and inspirational material.

Audiobooks on digital cartridge may be checked out for 30 days in the U.S., renewed upon request and are sent on a return/send basis. A member may check out up to three(3) audiobooks at a time. Letters or emails are sent to remind members to return overdue books.

All digital cartridge audiobooks are sent in postage-free, remailable containers. To return the books to the library, remove the address card from its holder on the mailer, turn it over, replace it in the holder, and mail the container. Check the mailer for proper content before returning.