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Christian Record Braille Magazine
In continuous publication since 1899, Christian Record is a braille inspirational magazine that seeks to make Christianity practical in everyday issues such as relationships, health, and money management. Published quarterly, the Christian Record is available in braille magazine format or can be downloaded for refreshable braille format readers.

Encounter Audio Magazine
Articles and interviews exploring a Christ-centered approach to a variety of topics while seeking to make Bible knowledge practical and relevant, with a focus on living well in this present life and for eternity. Each issue also includes a sermon recorded live from a variety of churches. This magazine is produced quarterly.

Light Magazine
Created for readers who are legally blind and who are eager for good, current writing from a Christian perspective. Those who are legally blind qualify to receive the ink-on-paper version free of charge. 

Vantage Point Audio Magazine
Features interviews and inspirational articles on a wide range of subjects, including health and fitness, nature, travel, music and the arts, and stories of personal accomplishments while seeking to discover Bible-centered spiritual connections among the many experiences of life. This magazine is produced quarterly.

The Children's Friend
Filled with stories about outdoor adventures, missionary endeavors, children confronting peer pressure, and Bible stories. Issued quarterly in braille. (Ages 9-12)

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