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Annual Report for 2015

Service Information (2015)

  • National Camps for Blind Children / Adults: NCBC built confidence, improved physical health, discovered undeveloped potential, and inspired 360 campers at 14 camps across North America.
  • Periodicals: Ten inspirational magazines in braille, large-print, and audio formats reached 16,579 blind adults, teens, and children. All were distributed from our headquarters.
  • Lending Library: Our lending library shared over 1,600 recorded book titles among 3,823 active library users.
  • Public Information and Education: By mail, through speaking appointments, and by person-to-person contacts, thousands of individuals were informed and educated concerning blindness and how to relate to people who are blind.

Financial Information

Each year, Chrisitan Record Services, Inc. employs the services of an auditing firm to review the organization's records and practices. A copy of the most recent audited financial statement is available below.

2015 Finances
Revenue and Support

Program Expenses

Personal Services (visitation) $574,796
Production of Periodicals (braille, large print, and audio) $361,541
Lending Library (audio and braille) $205,648
Public Information and Education $863,253
Camps and Other Direct Services $634,468
Total Program Expenses

Fund Raising Expenses
Administrative Expenses

Net Operating Gain (Loss)

In 2015, 63% of expenditures provided direct program services. The balance provided the support that made those free services possible. 

Financial Reports
Form 990