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Historical Timeline

1899: Austin Wilson receives permission to publish the first copies of "The Christian Record" magazine

1904: Christian Record moves from Battle Creek, Michigan to College View, Nebraska, and locates in the basement of the old clock tower building at Union College

1904: U.S. Congress amends its postal regulation to allow the visually impaired to receive library books postage-free through the mail.

1909: Christian Record moves to the International Publishing Association Building on Prescott Street

1909: A free lending library is established at Christian Record to provide embossed books for the blind

1912: Christian Record moves to 48th and Prescott Ave to a building formerly occupied by College View Bakery

1924: Braille production of the "Sabbath School" lesson quarterly begins

1934: Christian Record is an exhibitor at the World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois

1936: Christian Record moves office to a new building on the corner of 48th and Bancroft

1937: "The Children's Friend" is first produced in braille

1950: Talking books on reel-to-reel tapes are introduced to the lending library

1954: Bible correspondence courses and doctrinal tracts added to Christian Record programs

1957: Founder Austin Wilson passes away in Minnesota

1959: The first full-vision book, "Bible ABCs," combines braille, print, and pictures

1962: Audio lending library started

1963: Christian Record moves to a new location at 4444 S. 52nd Street

1963: Preschool for blind children begins operation

1967: National Camps for Blind Children begins in Florida at Camp Kulaqua

1969: Pat Nixon accepts a spot on the International Advisory Board

1970: Books recorded on cassette tapes become part of the lending library

1979: Canada branch office opened in British Columbia under the name of Christian Record Services, Inc.

1980: The first Winter Camp was held in Colorado for individuals who were blind and visually impaired

1980: Christian Record begins serving individuals who were Deaf and hearing impaired

1981: A mobile unit begins traveling and offering free glaucoma screenings across the country

1986: Well of Hope programs starts – raised over $1 million in two years 

1999: Christian Record celebrates 100 years of service to people who are legally blind

2005: All recording of talking books and magazines is switched from analog to digital

2013: Insight4Vets is launched to support veterans; pre-loaded audio player with resources

2016: Christian Record moves to a new location at 5900 S. 58th Street, Suite M

2018: Lib.Guide, online library database launched. CRS offers more than 4,000 resources to members.

2019: First bi-monthly electronic newsletter (Jubilink) distributed

2020: PhoneFaith joins Christian Record Services

2023: New braille production space opens