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Anne Lowe Scholarship

Scholarship Recipients


Christian Record Services, Inc. publicly announces the six collegiate recipients of the 2024 Anne Lowe Scholarship. “Our scholarship committee was impressed with each of our applicants this year, and we are thrilled to award scholarships to six outstanding individuals,” said Diane Thurber, president of the 125-year-old organization. “Through the ongoing generosity of donors, we are able to support the education of each of the selected recipients of the Anne Lowe Scholarship.”

The following Anne Lowe Scholarship recipients are listed in alphabetical order by last name:

Kwaku Darko is attending the Berklee College of Music this fall as he follows his passion for making and sharing music. From discovering his love for music in Ghana to moving to the U.S. and advancing his skills, Kwaku's passion led him to Berklee College of Music. He recounts his early achievements, teaching music, and composing for documentaries. At Berklee, he's learned time management, balancing school with personal projects, and is preparing for a capstone project focused on music and accessibility. Kwaku's goals include working in accessibility consulting, teaching, and starting a freelance music business. He expresses gratitude for the Anne Lowe Scholarship's role in his journey and looks forward to fulfilling his dreams and traveling to new continents

Meghan Downing is a 22-year-old Berklee College of Music student, a visually impaired guitarist majoring in Music Therapy. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, she thrived academically, making the Dean's List every semester and receiving awards for social awareness and impact. Her practicum at the Perkins School for the Blind deepened her connection with students, and she's considering prestigious internships. Meghan's creative pursuits include writing and performing original music, with Berklee providing a collaborative environment. Meghan is thankful for her family, community, and scholarships like the Anne Lowe Scholarship, which have supported her dreams. Meghan's story is one of resilience, independence, and a commitment to using music to help others.

LiNa Fitzhugh is a high school senior with oculocutaneous albinism, a condition that severely limits her vision. Despite being told she'd face many limitations, LiNa has excelled in ballet, violin, and academics, disproving every doubt cast upon her abilities. With nearly perfect grades and ten college classes under her belt, LiNa is set to attend the University of Central Florida, aspiring to become a psychologist. She aims to use her experiences to help others overcome psychological and physical challenges, embodying the belief that exceptionalities should not hinder world-changing accomplishments. 

Olivia Luckhaupt was born with cataracts and faced limited medical services in China. Her vision worsened until she was adopted and treated in the U.S. Despite predictions of her limitations, Olivia has taken leadership roles and worked with others facing similar challenges. Her disability motivates her to exceed expectations and foster a community that embraces all individuals with disabilities. Olivia's achievements include recognition at Chick-fil-A for leadership, academic honors, and a position at Cedarville University's Admissions office. With a 3.7 GPA in Special Education, she aims to become a Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI) and later pursue a master’s at Ohio State University. Her ultimate goal is to create a special needs camp, "There is a Story Behind Every Disability," to empower and include those with disabilities in transformative camp experiences.

Joshua Olukanni's life was transformed following his father's passing, which prompted a deep introspection on his blindness and identity, the shift in his community's perception, and his journey to independence, facilitated by the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia (NFBGA). His involvement with NFBGA and BLIND Inc. honed his leadership and nonvisual skills, leading to an internship at Unilever. Joshua now serves on the National Association of Blind Students (NABS) board, aspiring to become an Organizational Development Consultant. His goal is to create inclusive frameworks in organizations, valuing diversity and empowering people with disabilities.

Charli Strawn was born blind in a Chinese orphanage, and adopted into an Alabama family who encouraged her to explore the world like her sighted peers. Excelling academically with the aid of adaptive technology, Charli faced challenges head-on, including proving doubters wrong by succeeding in a "highly visual" honors chemistry class. As the first blind student at her high school, she led the marching band to superior ratings as Drum Major. Charli's active church life and partnership with her guide dog, Soldier, reflect her community involvement. Majoring in Information Systems Management with a minor in Psychology at Auburn University, Charli aims to improve employment and living standards for the visually impaired through technology, aspiring to work for companies like Google or Microsoft to advocate for inclusivity and bridge the digital divide.

The Anne Lowe Scholarship is awarded to college students and is based on academic achievement, need, and goals for the future, which is supported through an essay, reference letters, a projected budget, and verification of blindness. Tom Lowe established the scholarship in 1989 in memory of his wife, Anne, who loved education and the mission of Christian Record Services. Donors may contribute to this scholarship specifically or arrange to set up an endowment of their own by talking with the Director of Mission Advancement at Christian Record Services.