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September 10, 2020

Dear EYE RUN supporters and participants,

It is with mixed emotions that we share this information: after seven years of virtual and in-person race operations, the EYE RUN journey has come to an end.

While COVID-19 had a role to play in retiring the EYE RUN, many other factors were considered. Christian Record Services for the Blind, the event organizer, is grateful for each of you: event walkers, runners, sponsors, fundraisers, and enthusiastic cheerleaders. The EYE RUN was a blessing to many, and the proceeds from each year’s event had a positive impact on the lives of people who are blind. Thank you!

As hard has it has been to say “Goodbye” to the EYE RUN, this decision enabled Christian Record to say “Hello” to a new national outreach platform for the blind: PhoneFaith! Offering meaningful connections and empowerment, PhoneFaith delivers daily call-in programming that brings the blind community together in service of the whole person. Topics include health, advocacy, education, relationship-building, and spirituality. Learn more about PhoneFaith at

We hope PhoneFaith will offer an antidote to the intensifying lonliness epidemic in the blind community. Please join Christian Record staff and PhoneFaith volunteers in prayer as ministry moves forward in a new way.

Proceeds from the EYE RUN enabled Christian Record Services for the Blind to provide accessible reading services, college scholarships, and confidence-boosting camping experiences for people who are blind.


Legal Notice

By attending and by your presence at the EYE Run, you consented to your voice, name, and/or likeness being photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded. Your attendance and participation constituted your consent to Christian Record Services for the Blind (CRSB) the exclusive worldwide rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, and grant licenses to use the provided original video, electronic imagery, or literary work, or any part thereof, in any and all media or form of communication whether now existing or hereafter developed. You released CRSB, its successors, assignees, and licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature. Be aware that you are not eligible for any form of compensation, including but not limited to commissions, royalties, or product discounts.

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