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Josefina Makes Friends at Camp

Josefina has been attending Camp Lawroweld for seven years, through National Camps for Blind Children. She has found many friends at camp and looks forward to seeing them each summer. When asked how camp has changed her the most, Josefina said, “I have a lot more friends, and I walk a lot more at camp.” Making friends is a vital part of going to camp. So many times, people who are blind or experiencing vision loss are isolated at home and don’t have very many friends they can spend time with, which is why many of them return to camp year after year.

Josefina says some of her favorite activities to do when she’s at home are knitting, crocheting, and reading. It’s no surprise she enjoys similar activities at camp. Some of her favorites are crafts and baking. “The crafts are the most meaningful. I love being able to make things and visit with friends,” she says.

Josefina also enjoys riding on the boats because it’s another activity where she gets to spend time with her friends. Josefina strongly suggests others should attend camp. “It’s the best because you can do so many things, and the people are really friendly.”