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Tatzia's Story

13-year-old Tatzia has Leber congenital amaurosis. Her peripheral vision is gone—she has no clear distance vision. She can see that a tree is a tree at a distance because of the shape, but objects near each other blend together. She mixes up colors that are similar, like blue and green, red and orange.

Tatzia tells us, “My eyes also have that shaking thing, nystagmus.”

At school, Tatzia’s classmates make fun of her when she uses her device that projects books onto a screen.

With donor support, Tatzia had a life-changing experience where no one made fun of her blindness. She learned about compassion in this world and gained confidence in her ability to rise above the taunting.

At blind camp, she is in a safe place where she can experience true joy and make lifelong friends with kids who are compassionate and caring.

We asked Tatzia… "Has camp taught you anything about God?"

Her response is a testament the support that Christian Record receives from donors like you: "He can bring you blessings that you might not expect. The beauty of the camp and the freedom to enjoy it is a gift!"

Tatzia hopes that we can count on you to be a part of changing lives.

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